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Cenocco Beauty EMS Photon Beauty Instrument

Cenocco Beauty EMS Photon Beauty Instrument

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Cenocco Beauty CC-9101: EMS Photon Beauty Instrument

EMS microcurrent, using low-frequency current action
 Electrolysis of facial muscles to lift the contour of the face
 Lift the line, wake up and relax the skin
 Help the skin to restore luster and vitality
 With EMS microcurrent, both sides of the line induction
 EMS current firming skin
 Clean detox mode
 Ion cleaning, gentle and not hurt the skin, clean dirt, reduce pore-clogging blackhead acne
 Warm open pores through high frequency
 To achieve the effect of cleaning and brightening skin
 To solve the skin dark and stain
 Improve acne and tighten pores
 Promote collagen synthesis
 Lock moisture and nutrient essence
 Whitening skin, wrinkles reduction, tightening skin
 Oily skin, combination skin, acne skin
 Includes clean detox mode for brightening the skin
 Helps in reducing wrinkles, activate and rejuvenate the skin, and lighten dark spots
 Advance photon technology and beautiful appearance
 Rated Voltage: 5V
 Rated Current: 0.5A
 Rated Power: 2.5W
 Standard of Execution: GB4706.1-2005
 Certification: CE, FCC, ROHS

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