Herzberg Single-Tier Takeaway Pastry Carrying Box Ivory

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Herzberg HG-L719: Single-Tier Takeaway Pastry Carrying Box


Easy storage with plenty of room to fit a lot of baked products
 Single-tiered pastry and pie carrying box 
 Strong lock to prevent any accidents from causing the box to tumble and spill 
 The top and bottom casings, as well as the top lid, are all secured
 The pastry carrying box has a lid that can be removed and handles that can be stowed for simple storage. 
 To keep all foods protected from bugs and dirt
 Tightly secured latch, safe for transporting
 Beautifully crafted and dishwasher safe
 Enough room to contain a variety of baked goodies
 Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
 Toxic and BPA Fre
 Dimension: 42cm x 30cm x 11cm

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