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Umbro Pilates Ring Fitness Exercises

Umbro Pilates Ring Fitness Exercises

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Umbro ED-47175: Pilates Ring Fitness Exercises

This Pilates ring delivers a workout that targets problem areas and strengthens your core. Carry out advanced Pilates workouts from the comfort of your own home. Shape and sculpt your body using Pilates ring exercises. The Pilates circle is excellent for beginners, more experienced users and those who want to develop their Pilates exercise practice.

This Pilates circle is versatile and has multiple different uses. Whether you’re completing Pilates for beginners or Pilates for weight loss, the Pilates wheel helps with resistance training. Strengthen and tone your inner and outer thigh muscles with targeted exercises. This simple device tones your thighs without the use of bulky gym equipment. The Pilates ring can be used for core workouts, leg and thigh workouts, abdominal exercises and arm toning.

Easily develop your Pilates workouts at home with the Pilates ring. It’s easy to carry out full body workouts at home, improving muscle strength and endurance. The Pilates ring is suitable for people of all ages and abilities, use it during Pilates for women, Pilates for men and Pilates for seniors.


  • Pilates ring is small, compact, and easy to store
  • Constructed for maximum durability
  • Pilates ring strengthens your core and targets problem areas for great workouts every time
  • Includes a metal frame built to withstand repeated use
  • Foam grippers for comfort, support, and eliminating slippage while you exercise
  • Perfect for full-body workouts at home without the need for bulky gym equipment
  • Multiple uses including weight loss, resistance training, toning, and core workouts
  • Excellent for people of all ages and abilities
  • Easily fitting in your gym bag for convenient portability and compact storage
  • It's perfect for full-body workouts at home without the need for bulky gym equipment
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